RoboCup Federation in France

Presentation of the RoboCup France Commitee

France and RoboCup have been linked for a long time. In fact, the second edition of the international competition was organized by Dominique Duhaut at the Cité des Sciences in 1998. Over time, France has contributed at the highest level: Pierre Blazevic won the cup in 1999 in the Aïbo standard league, the Bordeaux team Rhoban led by Olivier Ly won the Humanoïd Kid-Size league four years in a row in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 obtaining the Best Humanoïd Price in 2017.

RoboCup is a competition, but above all a national and international community made of exchanges of ideas, technologies and people.

Committee members are the main contributors to the organization of RoboCup 2023 in France. Throughout the year, various RoboCup events take place at regional, national, continental and international levels.