Persévérons @RoboCup2020 by Université de Bordeaux / INSPE

Persévérons @RoboCup2021

Symposium, conferences and workshops on the pedagogical transformation in the use of digital objects
June 26th and 27th

The  E-Fran Persévérons research project, led by the University of Bordeaux via the NSPE and the Academic delegation du numérique éducatif du Rectorat de Bordeaux (Academic Delegation for Digital Education of the Bordeaux Rector’s Office), aims to gain knowledge of cognitive processes and pedagogical transformation in the use of tangible digital objects to promote the success of all students, focusing on the factors of motivation and perseverance. To what extent can digital objects and spaces promote students’ ability to follow a school career path without dropping out?

Do they facilitate attention and learning? Research projects conducted since 2016 concern educational robotics, the use of digital tablets to teach, and the effectiveness of FabLabs in perseverance. The PERSEVERONS symposium, within RoboCup, will be an opportunity for an open dialogue between the project teams and researchers or practitioners from all over the world.

© INRIA : Photo H.Raguet